Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Invest in Coins But Be Careful: 5 Things to Avoid

Buying silver and gold coins as a way to expand your financial portfolio can be very lucrative.  There are however, some things you should look into before you invest your hard-earned cash into coins and bullion.

1. You may tempted by that late night infomercial on the shopping tv stations showing you this brand new set of collectible commemorative coins for sale. They sound great and seem like a great investment, after all they do say they are limited in quantity and made from pure gold or silver. But the price does not reflect the value and it is not the best way to invest in coins.

For example, as much as the children in your life may love these "Frozen" Elsa coins now, they are probably not the best choice to beef up your portfolio for the future.  (However, if you do want to buy these, they are available at www.hsn.com

2. Prices that are too good to be true.  When you shop online for coins, be careful about who you trust. Places that claim to have lower prices, or are selling coins and bullion below market value, can be as the saying goes "too good to be true."  For example, if you find a Canadian Gold Maple on Ebay for $100, you can pretty much guarantee you are getting scammed.  While buying silver and gold coins and bullion in bulk can make the price lower, pay close attention to any hidden fees and shipping costs that are associated with the purchase.

3.  While collectors of coins may find value in rare and mishandled coins, investors should stay clear of these high-premium new issue commemorative coins that are often heavily promoted. For example each year the mint will produce a commemorative Gold Eagle or Gold Maple Leaf that will fetch higher premiums. Steer clear of these and stick to the regular Gold Maple Leafs and Gold American Eagles so you get more bang for your buck.

4. Buying gold and silver coins as an investment without doing your research. This is a mistake we see very often. People who have spent a lot of money on different gold and silver coins, but when they want to get a value, they are shocked by what they find. Not all coins are created equal. An NCG graded coin with a high score and an even higher price tag is probably not going to make you more money in the future. Instead, invest in coins that are more common and are more than likely going to multiply in worth over time.

5. Not reading the fine lines before purchasing.  A lot of times, we buy something only to realize that we did not read the fine print that was hidden at the bottom of the page. The internet makes it so easy for anyone to purchase coins with your debit card, through a bank wire and even with a credit card. But, always read all the polices and terms and conditions before you do.  What you may find is that the company does not take responsibility if your coins are "lost" in transit or there may be crazy fees that will be tacked on to  your purchase.

Come into our Midtown, Atlanta location of Atlanta Gold and Silver and talk to us about some coin and bullion investment options that may be right for you. We make sure our customers are well informed and we keep the entire process a transparent one. Trust and accountability are the cornerstones of our family gold and coin business.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Give the Gift of Coins

From baby gifts and showers to family members and friends, silver and gold coins can be that gift that keeps on giving.  Here's a look at some ideas and times when giving a coin is...well so much more.

Occasions for Coins:

  • New baby
  • Christening, Baptism and other religious rites of passage
  • Big birthdays
  • Bat and Bar Mitzvah
  • Weddings
  • Graduation

What type to Give: The options are endless. Depending on your budget and preference, there are so many types of silver coins to choose from.

  • Proof sets: These are great for commemorating everything such as a birth year or graduation year. 
  • American Eagle Coins: these are true beauties with the Walking Liberty design. These were first made in 1986 and continue until the present. These coins are one ounce of .999 fine silver (aka Pure silver)

  • American Eagle Gold Coins:  These are available in various sizes and denominations, going up to a $50 dollar coin which is 1oz .  Because these are GOLD, the price is obviously going to be much higher than the silver, but these are a great investment for a special occasion. 
  • Commemorative Coins: Many times these coins, especially the limited edition ones can be almost impossible to get your hands on. As soon as the mint releases these types of coins to the public, they sell out in a snap.  Check out these coins that are either back ordered or Sold Out.  Now wouldn't you love to have one of those? http://catalog.usmint.gov/coin-programs/commemorative-coins/#start=1   

Creative wrapping and storage ideas;
10-drawer custom wood display for 56 . Check it out here

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fancy Colored Diamonds

With so many stones out in the market, we mostly associate diamonds with the clear and sparkly nature that they are most known for. In fact, when determining the quality and value of a diamond, it is graded on a color scale, where less color generally equals a better quality. (of course there are other factors including cut, clarity and carat to consider as well) .

And while colorless diamonds may be the most well known, they are just one type of diamonds exist. Fancy Color diamonds are another category.  Although these color-filled diamonds are out there, they are very rare and thus usually fetch much higher prices.

Unlike the clear diamonds, colored ones are graded on a different scale. No longer does "colorless" mean better quality. The value of natural colored diamonds is determined by the vivid nature and light from the stones. The more intense color, the more valuable a stone will be.

So, what is the difference between these fancy colored diamonds and other precious gemstones such as emeralds, ruby's and saphires?  The colored diamonds contain carbon. That is the determining factor.

Here is a look at some of colors you can find in natural colored diamond.

Red Diamond: The rarest of them all. Most jewelers will never even come across these treasures in their lifetime.

Orange Diamonds: Another rare breed of diamonds. The one pictured below was worn by Halle Berry at the 2002 academy awards.
4.19 carat Orange Diamond Ring sold at Sotheby's for $2.96 million
photo credit: Sotheby's
Green Diamonds: Check out this scale that show's the varying range of green colors you can find.
Natural green color diamond
Pink Diamonds: Today, the brightest pink natural diamonds come from Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia.  There are a variety of shades but no matter what you choose, the price is going to be high for these beauties. 

Yellow Diamonds: These are slightly more common than some of the other fancy colored diamonds. 
10.12-ct Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond
Blue Diamonds: Natural blue diamonds are formed by the concentration of boron in the bonding of the atoms.  Click here to see some amazing creations made with the fancy colored-diamonds.
R86 - 0.86 carat Blue Gray Marquise

We hope you enjoyed this colorful and sparkling post!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 Outrageous Things Made of Gold

Check out our list of 5  OUTRAGEOUS things made of gold !

Bathtub with White Gold Tiles

Photo: Sankei | Getty Images

Brownie with Gold Leaf - $35,000


Gold Casket for a Golden Funeral


Million Dollar Bra- This treasure has 750 grams of 18K gold!

This bra contains over 5,000 natural colored diamonds with a total weight of 501.46 carats hand set in 750 grams of 18 karat gold.\

Golden Money Monopoly Set for $2Million

Most Expensive Board Games

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mother's Tea Set, Father's Gold Watch: Here's What To Do

Frequently asked questions at Atlanta Gold & Silver.  
As a family-owned and operated gold and silver buying business, we certainly understand and value the sentiment and memories that some jewelry may have for you. Often times, our customers tell us they feel guilty for selling the jewelry that belonged to their late mother or father. And we pride our business on trust and that trust begins the moment you walk through our door.

While we can’t decide for you whether or not you should liquidate an old jewelry collection, wipe the dust off of the old jewelry and turn that into cash, we can offer some suggestions and advice to consider when you are making the decision what to do with your old valuables.  Here we address some frequently asked questions that our customers want to know.

I have a box of jewelry from my ex-husband in my drawer, what should I do I with it? We recommend you bring it in to sell. If you are not emotionally attached to the pieces, such as your diamond engagement ring or wedding band, then get cash for the diamonds, gold and platinum and start looking ahead to a new future.
I have jewelry that I don’t wear, but I don’t need cash. Why sell?  When you get rid of the excess things in life you are able to concentrate on the true valuables. Get rid of the clutter and earn money while you do.
My ring was appraised at 2,000. Why are you only offering me $500? Based on the carat and the weight of the metal and the ring, we offer you the highest percentage around. Because we smelt our metals in our refinery, we do not have to deal with middle men. However, appraisals are meant to for retail market and for insurance reasons. If you think you can sell the piece on your own and make more money, we encourage it.
 I have a lot of 14k gold chains and rings. Can you give me an estimate on what you would offer for them? Without seeing them, we can’t make an offer. We have to test the purity of the metal and weigh the item first. However, we do offer a calculator on our website, where you can estimate the amount you have and see the total  If you have not sold jewelry before, it can be hard to estimate the scrap value you may have in your jewelry box. We invite you to bring in your jewelry with no obligation to sell it.
My mother left me a sterling silver tea set when she passed away. Should I feel guilty for selling it? No.While sterling silver tea sets may have been important to your mother, they may not be something you use. Times have changed, jewelry styles change and people change. If it is not your style, then why keep it?
 Why should we trust you? We have heard some terrible things about gold-buying places.  When the price of gold went down, the market was flooded with gold-buying businesses. Most of them did not make it because they were not giving fair prices to customers. We are a family-owned and operated gold and silver buying company in Atlanta with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We are here to stay and we want to have you as a long-term customer.
I need the money, but this necklace is the last thing of my mother I have left. I never take it off. What should I do? While we can’t tell you what to do here, we can offer some advice. This jewelry has more value to you than any amount of money will. Therefore, if possible, don’t sell this. We hate to see you regret your decision.
Do you buy silver plate?  No, we do not. Many tea sets and bowls that are marked silverplate may have value but the value is not in the metal.  We only buy sterling pieces at AGS.
To learn more about Atlanta Gold & Silver, visit our website.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Make Extra Cash for the Holidays. Here's What to Sell

Holidays are the best time of year. Unfortunately, they can also be the most expensive time of year.  Buying gifts for your friends, your loved ones, and your co-workers...that can get expensive.
But the gifts don't have to break the bank. Here is a list of some things you may have to sell. Who knows, you may even have enough left over to buy yourself something nice. 

  • GOLD- Sell those gold earrings, gold rings, gold chains or anything marked 10k or above that you don't wear anymore. Just open your jewelry chest and you could have a gold mine. 

  • STERLING SILVER: Sterling flatware and other items marked 925 may not be gold, but the more you have the more money you can get. 

  • DIAMONDS:  Have any diamond rings, loose diamonds, cushion cut, marquis cut, round, pear shaped, diamond pendants or diamond watches?  If you don't wear the piece of jewelry any more than your diamond can fetch a lot of money. Of course it depends on the size, color, quality and cut of the stone, but diamonds are valuable. 

  • COINS: Gold, Silver, platinum and palladium coins can hold very high values. Whether its a Silver Dollar (made 1964 or earlier) or a $50 1 oz gold coin there is cash to be made. 

For more information on the value of your treasures, visit our website, www.atlantagoldsilver.com

Have a gift-filled Holiday Season, 

From your Friends at Atlanta Gold & Silver

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Is Your Gold Fake?

Many times people will bring in heavy gold chains, usually marked 14K, to sell at Atlanta Gold and Silver. Even with a mark, we always test the metals in one or two ways to ensure its authenticity.  First, we do a scratch test with acids for the various Karats.  However, sometimes this may not be fool-proof method, especially when their is heavy metal plating involved. Second, we put the jewelry in our x-ray machine and it gives us a full report of the metal composition.

Here's the bad news...sometimes a chain or piece of jewelry that someone has purchased is not what it appears to be.  Just like counterfeit Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbags, jewelry counterfeiting with hallmarks is a serious problem.  We always feel badly when we have to tell our customer that we can't buy the piece from them, especially when they tell us how much they originally paid for the item.

So, we always try to tell our clients to be very wary before purchasing jewelry (precious jewelry such as gold, silver and diamonds) from an unauthorized source or person via eBay, craigslist or even a flea market.  Many times if a deal is too good to be true, it generally is.  Not to say that you won't find some hidden treasures around town, but when you are investing in something like gold to resell, make sure to look for a few factors. 

- Is it magnetic?  Magnets, unlike acid testing, are an easy thing to bring around with you.  They are also the easiest way to rule out fake metals (ones that are not pure gold or sterling).  If the piece is drawn to the magnet (and it says 14k or even 18k), it is fake. 
-The hallmark: Look closely at the Hallmark on the item and where it is placed. If it looks like the mark is cut off or says something else, that is also a tell tale sign to walk away. 
It's fake!  How do we know?  The acid test created a green color. 
-Another easy way to spot a fake is to look closely at the metal. This is especially true when it comes to used jewelry such as pendants and rings that are marked 14k. If closely and see peeling of any sort, like the gold is fading off, then it is not correctly marked. 

In this industry sometimes, taking risks can end up making you a fortune, but beware because there are a lot of counterfeit pieces of jewelry floating around.