Monday, March 3, 2014

Mother's Tea Set, Father's Gold Watch: Here's What To Do

Frequently asked questions at Atlanta Gold & Silver.  
As a family-owned and operated gold and silver buying business, we certainly understand and value the sentiment and memories that some jewelry may have for you. Often times, our customers tell us they feel guilty for selling the jewelry that belonged to their late mother or father. And we pride our business on trust and that trust begins the moment you walk through our door.

While we can’t decide for you whether or not you should liquidate an old jewelry collection, wipe the dust off of the old jewelry and turn that into cash, we can offer some suggestions and advice to consider when you are making the decision what to do with your old valuables.  Here we address some frequently asked questions that our customers want to know.

I have a box of jewelry from my ex-husband in my drawer, what should I do I with it? We recommend you bring it in to sell. If you are not emotionally attached to the pieces, such as your diamond engagement ring or wedding band, then get cash for the diamonds, gold and platinum and start looking ahead to a new future.
I have jewelry that I don’t wear, but I don’t need cash. Why sell?  When you get rid of the excess things in life you are able to concentrate on the true valuables. Get rid of the clutter and earn money while you do.
My ring was appraised at 2,000. Why are you only offering me $500? Based on the carat and the weight of the metal and the ring, we offer you the highest percentage around. Because we smelt our metals in our refinery, we do not have to deal with middle men. However, appraisals are meant to for retail market and for insurance reasons. If you think you can sell the piece on your own and make more money, we encourage it.
 I have a lot of 14k gold chains and rings. Can you give me an estimate on what you would offer for them? Without seeing them, we can’t make an offer. We have to test the purity of the metal and weigh the item first. However, we do offer a calculator on our website, where you can estimate the amount you have and see the total  If you have not sold jewelry before, it can be hard to estimate the scrap value you may have in your jewelry box. We invite you to bring in your jewelry with no obligation to sell it.
My mother left me a sterling silver tea set when she passed away. Should I feel guilty for selling it? No.While sterling silver tea sets may have been important to your mother, they may not be something you use. Times have changed, jewelry styles change and people change. If it is not your style, then why keep it?
 Why should we trust you? We have heard some terrible things about gold-buying places.  When the price of gold went down, the market was flooded with gold-buying businesses. Most of them did not make it because they were not giving fair prices to customers. We are a family-owned and operated gold and silver buying company in Atlanta with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We are here to stay and we want to have you as a long-term customer.
I need the money, but this necklace is the last thing of my mother I have left. I never take it off. What should I do? While we can’t tell you what to do here, we can offer some advice. This jewelry has more value to you than any amount of money will. Therefore, if possible, don’t sell this. We hate to see you regret your decision.
Do you buy silver plate?  No, we do not. Many tea sets and bowls that are marked silverplate may have value but the value is not in the metal.  We only buy sterling pieces at AGS.
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