Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sell Your Diamonds

Whether you have a piece of jewelry with no sentimental value, or a something that is not your style, or if you just need the money, Atlanta Gold & Silver not only pays for your gold, we pay you for your diamonds.

We understand, however, that parting with your precious stones can sometimes be a difficult choice.  We want to make sure you that you are ready to sell and happy with what we give you.  Here are a few reasons, why you should sell your diamonds to Atlanta Gold and Silver.  Loose stones, round cut, pear, emerald, marquis, brilliant and more. We buy diamonds.

Whether you sell to us or choose somewhere else, here are some tips to keep in mind before you sell your diamonds.

  • Find a place you trust. This will make the process much easier and fast.  You don't want to regret your decision to sell moments after the transaction.  
  • Be realistic but have a price in mind. Unfortunately, it may be almost impossible to sell your diamond for what you or someone else originally paid for it.  But, if you do know a little bit about the stone (is it GIA-certified, what is the cut, color, clarity and carat weight), you will be in a much better position. 
  • Make sure you want to sell this piece.  Sometimes our clients decide that they the sentimental value exceeds the amount of money we can pay them. That is okay!   You have no obligations to us or to any other place. 
  • When it comes to the value of diamonds, there are many factors a diamond buyer must consider before setting a purchase price. Aside from the size, color, cut, clarity and shape of the diamond, the value depends on the economy and the marketplace. As with gold prices, supply and demand of diamonds fluctuates. 
Call us today to find out more about selling your diamonds for cash in Atlanta. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Maker's Mark: What do they mean?

Trying to identify a mark on your jewelry?  Here is a quick cheat sheet for metals.    While most modern day jewelry will have a mark to identify its purity or metal, it is possible some older pieces such as antique and estate jewelry will not.  So, don't be too quick to dismiss a piece of jewelry as valueless.

The basic breakdown: 

925 or Sterling:   Sterling Silver

10kt or 10K:  10 Karat Gold 

14 KT or 14k : 14 Karat Gold 

18KT or 750: 18 Karat Gold 

14KT GF or 1/20 12 KT GF: Gold-Filled. Generally these are made with a hollow center that is covered in gold.   Gold-filled is higher quality than Gold-Plated or GP.   
At Atlanta Gold & Silver, we do buy gold-filled jewelry but not gold-plated.  Due to the content of gold, we will generally purchase the gold-filled jewelry at the same price as sterling silver jewelry.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buy Silver Eagle Coins While they Last!

2008 Silver Eagle Dollars

We are excited about the 2008 Silver Eagle coins we just got in this week.In case you are not familiar, here is an overview of what makes these coins truly special. For coin collectors and the like, these silver dollars are great buy.            


  • Purity purity purity.  The silver just doesn't get any purer.
  • They each contain 1 troy oz of .999 silver
  • Great additions to coin collections
  • Silver Eagle coins are considered one of the most beautiful coins ever made
  • They make great gifts !
  • Great investments

Come to Atlanta Gold and Silver or Email to order while supplies last.